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Our Founding Team

comes from a

Law Enforcement

Background, including

FBI, DEA, and

Retired Police Chiefs


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Hire from our worldwide staff of
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Hire the best :

To request a confidential interview with a member of our worldwide staff, call our Director of Investigations at 816-448-3750.

Or, you may send a confidential email to hire.pi@pi-investigator.com . Include in your confidential email: Your day time telephone number, and the best time to call you.


Our founding team includes those from a background in Law Enforcement, including FBI, DEA, and forment police chiefs.

Our worldwide staff includes professionals, young and old, who represent the best in undercover private investigators who can perform:

  • Background Investigations
  • Civil & Undercover Investigations
  • Retail & Cashier Fraud Surveillances
  • Crime Scene Analysis
  • Sales Fraud and Bank Finance Investigations
  • Criminal & Drug Investigations
  • Real Estate and Accounting Data Entry Bookkeeper Fraud
  • Nursing Home Abandonment Cases
  • Insurance and Construction Fraud
  • Music & Video Piracy
  • Nanny, Child Care, & Teacher Investigations
  • Integrity Warehouse & Restaurant Mystery Shopping Services
  • Missing Persons & Research
  • Pre-Employment for hotel chain employees
  • Dead Beat Spouse Collections
  • Process & Graphic Service
  • Customer Service and Manufacturing Investigations
  • Internet and Web Hack Programmer Investigations
  • Telemarketing, Collections, & Automotive Mechanic Investigations
  • Protective & Executive Bodyguard Services
  • Work at Home scam Investigations
  • Skip Tracing
  • Clerical and Office Inventory Embezzlements
  • Forensic Electrical Engineer and/or Evidentiary Photography
  • Federal Anti-Piracy & Education Software Investigations (prior government, police, security, or law enforcement okay)
  • Medical Negligence Examinations
  • Identity & Social Security Theft with law enforcement


FINDING THE TRUTH : The truth often evades the surface. Our highly trained and experienced private investigators look far beneath the surface in their pursuit to bring you the facts.


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